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Alexander Baker
Alexander Baker

The Selfish Gene: How Genes Shape Our Behavior and Culture - Audio Book by Richard Dawkins

when we talk of selfless or selfish genes, we are talking of the issue of how many copies of itself the gene will have. this is entirely a matter of money and sex and violence. it has nothing to do with morality, nor has it anything to do with conscience. if a gene has a feature that helps the gene survive and prosper, the gene will have more offspring, while if a meme has a feature that helps the meme survive and prosper, the meme will have more offspring.

Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene Audio Book Download

dawkins replies: they are not; they are very pleased indeed. the reason is that the survival machine is not now being used to make more survival machines, but is being used to make more mommies! genes just love to see their replicas reproduced as much as they love to see them reproduced themselves. think of it this way: the gene does not care whether the new babies are male or female, straight or gay, creative or dull, a genius or a fool; what it cares about is that there are babies at all. and, if you are a mommy, then you are really on to a good thing. what better way to get your genes spread around the universe than for them to be passed on to the next generation? this is the basic selfishness of the genes, the ultimate motive for the survival of the human species, which we share with the rest of the animal kingdom.

welcome to the world of the selfish gene, a world of precision, unbounded intellectual discovery, and breathtaking intellectual beauty. the book has been widely acclaimed for its incisive insights into the nature of humans and of life itself.

in the following pages, you will learn all about the idea of the gene and its philosophical implications for life, mind, and reality. you will learn about how the gene, a minuscule molecule, has defined the evolution of life from the simplest microbes to the most complex humans. you will learn about the genes that are common to every living creature and about the genes that make humans unique. you will learn about the role genes play in the survival and evolution of the species, and how the selfish gene can be a subtle gene. you will learn how genes control the evolution of culture, and how culture enables and enhances our natural evolution. you will learn why the gene does what it does, and why the gene is so resilient.


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