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Usb Guitar Cable Driver

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Usb Guitar Cable Driver

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I have an Inspiron N7110 with a Realtek HD Audio sound card. I'm trying to record my guitar on my laptop using a 1/4" to USB cable but the computer doesn't recognize the input from the guitar. When I plug the cable into the laptop I get the installing drivers message and then a message indicating that the drivers were installed successfully and the device is ready to be used, but nothing from the guitar. Is there something I have to do in the system settings to get this to work? Is my only option to get an adapter for the microphone jack and have my guitar input come in via the microphone?

Audio quality was excellent, beautifully capturing the warm tones of our guitar. It's a breeze to use with most PC guitar effects and audio editing software - we just had to select the device, which appears as a C-Media USB microphone, as our line input. Your usual audio device will handle the speak output as normal."

According to the article they just plugged in the USB device and the built in Microsoft USB driver was all they needed.Actually I would have expected a special software/driver to be installed.If you exactly followed the installation instructions you should have an additional entry next to your Bluetooth,microphone and other line input devices.

I am not familiar with that cable, but if it contains an ADC converter then it is an external sound "card" as MicroTest said, not part of the internal Realtek sound "card", and as as such I would not expect to see it in the Realtek manager. Try looking again in the Recording tab of the Sound properties. I want to put in a screen shot but for some reason the forum will not let me do that anymore. On the recording tab, right click in the white area and select to show disabled and disconnected devices to see if there.

And when it finally did recognize the cable, it would randomly disconnect and stop working that that USB port. The only way I found around it was to switch the Real Tone Cable to another USB port and hope for the best.

It is essentially a third party piece of software that fans in the Rocksmith community created that allows you to connect your guitar to your computer through your mic or line-in port and have Rocksmith read it.

GuitarLink makes it easy to direct-connect nearly any guitar, bass, or other line-level audio source to USB for mono recording. The AudioLink Series USB-audio cable outputs studio quality 16-bit, 44.1 kHz digital audio thanks to its internal analog-to-digital conversion system. GuitarLink connects plug-and-play to your Mac or PC for an all-in-one USB audio solution.

I have a DeTii USB guitar cable in conjunction with the free version of Cakewalk, on a laptop running Windows 10. I have Input Monitoring enabled, and I have what I believe to be the device enabled in 'Sound Settings' as the Input Device. It looks like the meters are going up and down, but I can't get any audio through my earbuds when I plug my guitar in and try to record. Any idea what's going on? I haven't messed with drivers at all, and I am hoping I won't have to. Any help would be greatly appreciated, though.

I had a look at the Bandlab app. To hear what you are playing you need to click on the Monitoring icon (bottom left of Bandlab window). You need to make sure you've selected the correct input device. There's a latency test from the File Settings menu you should try. Note - I couldnt get the latency test to work successfully and gave up. I could hear my guitar playing but latency was too bad. That's the extent of my Bandlab experience.

Cakewalk has integration with Bandlab in that you can move projects between the programs. For recording guitar I suspect you will have more success with Cakewalk but its a somewhat steeper learning curve (but worth it). Lots more help available for Cakewalk on this forum. Check out Creative Sauce vids on Youtube

USB cables should work. I have the rocksmith and it works fine in Cakewalk.Switch the driver mode to WASAPI shared, select the cable as an input device and select your soundcard output in preferences. Sample rate should be 44.1 or 48k. Ensure Windows is using the same rate.You should be able to hear recorded audio now.

Uhuh, sure. I've been told by various sources that USB cables work, and like I've said before, I'm not a gear dude. Don't really think I can be blamed for giving it a shot. I'm just now trying to get into recording. So if people have recommendations for interfaces, I'm all ears.

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